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We will provide you with the best possible payment solution for your business at very competitive fees.

We will guide you through our smooth Merchant onboarding process and support you at every step of the way. Via the provided state of the art gateway you will be able to process Credit and Debit cards as well as more than 160 Alternative Payment Methods.

What We Offer


We aim to provide you an approval for your application in the shortest time possible.


You will receive a response form us within 1 business day after your inquiry.


A personal offer will be prepared for you with the best possible rates out there.

State of the art Gateway

Our gateway will provide you not only with many solutions and payment methods, but also with great risk monitoring and reporting tools.

We Are

Allterpay is a company built from people that always look ahead and strive to provide their clients the best service possible. We have long experience in the e-commerce industry and we are here to support you with our experience and know-how. We know that teamwork is crucial and our policy is to help our clients and partners in any way possible. We are determined and our mission is to help you develop and expand your business.

Choose Us

Our mission is to help or Merchants and ISOs to develop and expand their business. Our business policy is to take personal care of our partners, revise closely their business plan and needs, and provide them with a solution that will bring their operations to the next level. Our professional team will provide you with the best processing solution, support you along the onboarding process and equip you with the tools needed in order to be able to monitor and manage it.

Merchants and Partners

Merchant Services

We pride ourselves on having straight forward approval process, smooth onboarding and tailor made business offers. We can accept wide range of Low and High-Risk Merchants and give them the tools needed to manage their Risk and Fraud. We offer processing of Credit Cards, Debit Cards and large number of Alternative Payment Methods. Send us an enquiry and you will receive our reply in 1 business day.


Our company is always looking for partners so we have crafted great ISO program, including not only our reseller conditions but also details for our services and the products we offer. Our partnership program allows us to expand our Sales team with external Sales agents and grow our business even further. If you wish to become our agent, please contact us so we can present you personally with our Agent program and our rates. We will be more than happy to provide you with personal offer and expand our business together.

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