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Allterpay is a Payment Service Provider that can offer you many kind of payment methods in multiple currencies. Our solutions are safe and PCI DSS certified. We start from offering you Credit and Debit card payments, all of the mostly used alternative payment methods and even go to SMS and Direct Carrier Billing payment solutions. Our team has long experience in each areas and will help you to find the best possible payment solution for your business. We will not only help you find it, we will provide that solution to you on a very competitive price. To us the Risk Management is a crucial part of the e-commerce business so you will have our experience and know-how included in our services.

Allterpay is part of the ALLTERCO corp. which is a mobile services provider, operating in the European, Asian and American markets with offices in more than 10 countries. The company has more than 90 employees, located in the offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Hungary, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and the USA, offering mobile services and products in over 15 countries. We can offer direct and indirect access to almost 1 billion users worldwide.

ALLTERCO is a leader, with unique positions in the telecommunication industry and orientation towards trade and technical supply of mobile services without limitations. Our flexibility allows response to each specific request from our clients - the mobile operators, partners and end users of our services.

Our clients are mobile operators, media companies, advertising and media agencies, companies offering mobile payments, average and small businesses, state agencies, banks and other financial institutions, producers of all kinds of household goods and food products, and many others.

ALLTERCO also is proud to present its own developments in IoT with our latest product “She” which received warm welcome and gained huge interest in the CES 2106 in Las Vegas and MWC 2016 in Barcelona.