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The growth of the APMs

Alternative Payments have increasingly become more popular with merchants, as more options means more sales, and because nearly all Alternative Payments offer a variety of service specific features that addresses a global online marketplace. Geolocation software, automatic language translations, instant currency exchange and worldwide support are generally included to allow foreign buyers to make use of their domestic payment solution, while shopping outside of their country at a foreign based web merchant.

Unlike traditional credit card transactions, many alternative payments often provide additional security features that protect the merchant from fraud and returned transactions, because the funds availability is verified and payment is made directly from a bank account. The banks guarantee the funds and because there are no chargebacks, merchants are often not required to provide collateral or keep a reserve. Furthermore, accounts are validated in real-time and fraud modules scrub transactions, similar to the approval process with credit cards.

Along with the above, we at Allterpay can offer you payments via SMS or Direct Carrier Billing in several countries in Europe and Asia. This is an additional way to monetize your business and gain profit.


  • gives consumers more options to pay
  • familiarity with the payment method
  • different models – e-wallets, vouchers, bank transfers
  • allows them to use payment methods that they are comfortable with
  • lack of chargebacks
  • lack of fraud reported transactions
  • higher security
  • popular within a certain country respectively high conversion