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Our Vision

  • Speed:

    The quality of a service is by no doubt of crucial importance, but we know that speed is also. We strive to provide you best quality services on best prices, but also as fast as possible so your business starts expanding immediately.

  • Customer Focus:

    Our main focus is on you – our client. We will provide you with our knowhow, experience and craft you a personal pricing offer that will allow you to expand your business starting tomorrow.

  • Protection and monitoring:

    After your business is live and gaining speed we will continue to support you. We will provide you with ongoing support, update you on potential expansion on your business and last but not least – proper monitoring and reporting tools which will keep you on top of things at any time.

Our Goal

We aim to provide our Merchants with fast and professional treatment that will lead them to the next step of their business. Our goal is to make sure they receive their Merchant account quickly and offer them competitive fees.

When choosing us as a Payment Service Provider you will receive number of tools that will help you to manage your risk, monitor your transactions in real time and use our reporting tools. We will also be there to support you along the way and help you grow.