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ISO Program

We have several sales strategies and one of those is an attractive partnership program for our sales agents where the profit split is 50%-50%. If you wish to become our agent, please contact us so we can present you personally with our Agent program and our rates.

What we can offer you

We aim to provide our ISOs the opportunity to gain profit not only from the low an medium risk Merchants, but also from the high-Risk ones. We also know that every Merchant had its first day on the Market so we are happy to revise applications for Start-up businesses and give them a chance. In order for the business of your clients to expand they will need all the help they can get, so we will offer them fast approval process, almost all processing currencies, over 160 Alternative Payment methods, easy set-up and userfriendly gateway interface. Our Gateway also offers hosted payment page integration along with direct server-to-server one serving both small and large sized merchants.

Our company is always looking ahead and we know that the transactions now generated by mobile devices are rapidly increasing. Therefore our gateway is prepared for that and we can offer you easy integration with Apple Pay.