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Accepted business

In the e-commerce business the Merchants are divided in 3 main groups – Low, Medium and High Risk. However, we at Allterpay, know that there is more to that and a Merchant from each group can experience problems when the proper Risk and Fraud management is not taken into account. With the proper steps taken, any business can be profitable and long lasting. Therefore, we are happy to accept for approval all legal types of business and help with the mitigation of the risk.

We also know that each Merchant, no matter how big they are, they all had their first day of processing. By following our approval process and providing us with all the needed information, we are happy to revise startup businesses and help them grow.

Approval process:

We proud ourselves with having a very simple and straight forward approval process. For the convenience of our merchants we need a very basic information for their business and market presence in order for us to prepare a pricing offer. Only after our clients have agreed with the proposed terms we will then proceed with the approval. The paperwork we require consist of very basic company documents, KYC and application form (link to the app form) and we don’t burden our merchants with additional due diligence requirements. We tend to pass through internal risk evaluation and bank approval within the shortest terms and get back to you with feedback as soon as possible. With our dedicated account management team we will keep you updated on the underwriting process in every step of the way. Upon bank’s approval we will then set you with our gateway and you can start processing in no time!

Offer and fees

The financial part is by no doubt the most important one. We know that our clients would like to minimize the costs of their business and our goal is to provide them with such a solution. Therefore, we work with a number of Acquiring partners and depending on the Merchant’s business type, target markets and processing history/business plan we prepare tailored offer which we aim to be as competitive as possible.